The Rules For Achievement Part 3

The Rules For Achievement Part 3

The Rules for Achievement Part 3

In this series of blog posts about the Rules of Achievement, that appear here on the Mind Training Systems webpage and also on, we'll share with you some essential insights that will allow you to create the life you really want: If you want to catch up with the previous posts then check out these links

The Third Rule of Achievement

““You need to write down on paper what it is that you truly want, where you want to be”
The secret to keep in mind is, that your unconscious mind is very literal and doesn’t recognise negation. What that means is it pays attention to what you’re focused on and then sets about getting it for you, so if I said to you now don’t think of a red cat, what did you just do? You thought of a red cat even although I asked you not to.
That means that when it comes to setting your goals and outcomes you have to language what you want in a positive way. When you've mastered it, it seems so simple and so logical yet often people have not been given this information in such a clearly defined way.
Achieving your goals in life gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction and self worth. It teaches you that you can accomplish anything, you have value and are in control of your own happiness. Plus it's an empowering way to design your entire future the way you want them to be. Essentially effective goal setting skills allows you to accomplish all that you set out to achieve; you'll discover that you can live the life that you want and truly have your life by design rather than by default.
There are some very important rules to setting S.M.A.R.T goals, with three easy yet very important steps. Many people set goals only using a couple of these steps but very few people are aware of the secret last step. So let's take a look at this proven method of setting your outcomes so that you are guaranteed to achieve them.


S – Specific and Simple
M – Measurable and Meaningful
A – As if now and All areas of life
R – Realistic and Responsible
T – Timed and Toward what you want
So an example statement of one of our client’s goals which she achieved over a 14 week period....
It is the YOUR GOAL DATE (Example. 14th of February 2014), I’m standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom admiring my toned figure as I easily fasten the last button of my new YOUR GOAL SIZE (Example. size 12 Diesel jeans) delighted knowing that I now weight YOUR GOAL WEIGHT (Example. 65kgs) having easily shed the excess THE WEIGHT YOU HAVE LOST (Example. 12kgs) that no longer fitted with who I now am, I feel empowered for the future by all I have achieved over the last 14 weeks. 
Now it's your turn to set your goals.
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