Personal Business Break Through


Our intention through this cutting edge program of emotional, mental and physiological growth and change is focused on you achieving the very best results for yourself personally as well as for your business and career. Now we are not just talking a little change or a few minor tweaks, we mean a quantum change, the kind of life changing results that will guarantee you are empowered to take your business and career to a whole new level of success! It is time now for you to STOP tolerating those old limitations that no longer serve you, which have been literally holding you back. 


"My business is booming! I am the happiest man on earth!!!" Tim Kitchen, TK Bikes - UK

With our Personal Business Break Through Program you will uncover your true potential, I’m sure you already knew it was is there, which is no doubt part of the reason that you are so ready to create change for yourself and your business NOW. The clarity that you will achieve through the initial stages of your break through will quite literally fuel the process allowing you to break through all the barriers that have been persistently preventing you from achieving the levels of success in your business that your efforts should be delivering.

It is time to take back control of YOUR business and career and begin to live out all of your dreams, instead of just wishing on “if only” It is results we’re interested in because you can’t take reasons to the bank.

How do you know that it’s time and that Mind Training Systems Personal Business Break Through is the right program for you?

•Are you a great leader of influence or not YET? Emotional awareness and well being has always been the key factor in the success of all of our greatest business leaders.

•Have you lost your confidence? Are you perhaps avoiding taking action in certain areas of your business that you know you should be doing?

•Are you frustrated know you can achieve more but your just not sure how to step up your results to that next level?

•Are you stuck in a place where you definitely don’t want to be, telling yourself it’s because there aren’t enough quality options or choices left open to you?

•Do you find negativity playing too big a role in your plans for the future? Maybe you think it’s because of the economy, maybe it’s your client’s, you’re staff, or rising overheads that are to blame?

•Do you struggle to maintain focus & motivation? Do you feel overwhelmed or does it seem just too hard?

•Do you believe that the stresses of your business and the market place are starting to create dis-ease within your body? Sapping your energy and enthusiasm?

•Do you have certainty for the future and all that you will achieve or are there doubts and negative beliefs that limit you and hold you back from being all that you can be?

•Do you believe that if you could communicate in a more influential with your staff or clients then you would dominate your market and become the leader in your field?

With our program you will be empowered to easily get beyond any obstacles that may have been standing in your way and create real success and wealth in your business and career. Your Personal Business Break Through will conclude with you setting goals with a new assured certainty for the next 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years that will be so grand in there scale that you will have probably never even contemplated that level of success. With our Personal Business Break Through Program we guarantee to create an exciting and empowering change within you to serve you in achieving all that you want now and into your future. We are certain that this is of interest to you so read on or simply call 01794 519061 to find out more!



“The skills and techniques that we have learned in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), with Mind Training Systems, have allowed us to develop what I can only describe as a winning attitude with confidence, competence and credibility. I believe now that we have the most influential offering in our business sector.” E.Hines, Spaceworks NZ

How will it be for you when you are...

•Fully aligned mentally, physically and emotionally with all of your business goals, dreams and aspirations with such energetic intensity and belief that they are guaranteed to happen

•Open to developing and installing new empowering beliefs and strategies for yourself and your business that will support you in achieving all that you want

•The kind of business leader that is always positively focused and motivated to ensure the perfect result, the kind of person that other people can’t help but be inspired by, just by being around you

•The consummate professional always in control of your emotional state with instant access to positive resources every time to ensure optimum performance and winning results in any situation

•Easily able to easily relax and maintain the perfect work life balance

•Now recognising immediately any doubts or limiting beliefs as they arise and automatically taking action to replace them with confident certainty that will deliver the success’s that you want.

•A truly inspiring leader who easily generates passion, energy and excellence for yourself and all those around you.

So if you have come to the point as like every other, successful entrepreneur, top athlete or even world leader, where you realise to unleash your full potential to access the powerful energy, belief and focus that you need to catapult your business success to the next level and beyond you need to align yourself with a coach who can assist you get beyond any barriers that may have blocked your path and re-map your neurology in a way that will give you instant access to your limitless capabilities that already lie within. 

"I now feel confident and positive about tackling certain aspects of my role that I wasn't keen on, with excellent skills and resources to increase my sales performance." L. Andrews - UK

To find out more about how Mind Training Systems is the right success coaching company for you and to organise your free resource assessment meeting, request a call back or drop us an email to Catherine Jackson - Mind Training Systems  We will make sure you get all of the right advice and information to guarantee your success for the future.