What is Time Line Therapy™?

Time Line Therapy™ - Discover emotional freedom and real empowerment. Enjoy all the benefits of being free from the past and design the future….the way you want it. 

time line therapy


•Would you like to get rid of some emotional baggage?

•Are you bothered by negative emotions?

•Would you like to gain emotional control of your life?

•Have you ever been in a situation where someone told you that you have overreacted to a situation but you disagreed?

•Would you like to get clarity on what you really want in your life?

•Have you ever set goals for the future and had them not happen?

•Would you like to discover how to visualise your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you?

The sum total of our life experiences and the memories associated with them impact on how we approach our lives now, day to day. It’s “the stuff” from the past that keeps us less than fulfilled and stops us from achieving the results we want. You’ve got limitless potential and Time Line Therapy® training (part of our NLP Practitioner course) gives you the tools to extract your hidden talents and desires and then guide you to the solutions you need to design and create a bright, compelling future. (Our Time Line Therapy® Training is also open to those who have completed their NLP Practitioner certification with another training provider.)

Time Line Therapy® uses the individual own internal “Time Line” by working with their Unconscious Mind in a number of ways which include healing emotional traumas and eliminating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours in minutes rather than days, months or years. Time Line Therapy® means that finally, you can have freedom from your past allowing you to have your future by design.

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The concept of a Time Line isn't something that's new. It was Aristotle, in Physics IV, who was the first to mention the "stream of time". Also back in the early 1890's, William James talked about the linear memory storage.  The latest development in NLP, Time Line Therapy® techniques are a revolutionary and powerfully effective method for creating lasting change in coaching, business, education, and  also in a therapeutic context.

After years of development, working with clients and publishing Time Line Therapy and The Basis Personality, Dr Tad James, has become known worldwide for his Time Line Therapy™ model. Watch the video demonstration of  Time Line Therapy ® , with the Creator of Time Line Therapy ®, Dr Tad James and his wife Dr Adriana James.

Time Line Therapy ® is so highly regarded that the Council of Psychotherapy in Croatia asked to be trained  in Time Line Therapy ® so they could assist many of the victims of the war who were enduring  post traumatic stress disorder.

Time Line Therapy ® has been so successful in producing results that it has been utilized for over a decade by thousands of people including psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, business coaches and sports coaches. 

In recent years, Adriana James has contributed another technique to the Time Line Therapy ® model. Adriana James is also responsible for publishing the book, "Time Line Therapy ® Made Easy."

Already an NLP Practitioner - add Time Line Therapy®  to your tool kit. Call the Office to discuss your enrollment onto our Time Line Therapy®  Practitioner Certification Training today. We welcome NLP Practitioners who have studied with other Training Providers. Click here for specific dates for Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training INCLUDING our SPECIAL OFFER or Call 01794 519 061.

Time Line Therapy® is a process and a set of techniques that allow you to have emotional control over your life.

At our training will learn how to get rid of any inappropriate emotional reactions or outbursts like bursts of anger, feeling sad or depressed, get rid of any anxiety or fear. It these negative emotions that are the things that stop you from achieving what you want and what you deserve in your life. Plus you will be able to change any limiting decisions or limiting beliefs that don't work for you. For example "I'll never be good enough," "I'm not the type of person who can have a great relationship," or "I don't deserve an abundant lifestyle," these create barriers to your success and by letting them go you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams.

What Do Negative Emotions Do To Us?

Interesting article on our NLP Practitioner page  called "You See What You Believe" - Discover how your beliefs operate and can be empowering or limiting to your progress

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Why Study Time Line Therapy® with Mind Training Systems?

Although many people study Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy¨ techniques for their own personal growth and development, these techniques are invaluable to the professional for growth and development. Some professions that successful utilise  NLP include Actors, Athletes, Business Executives, Business Owners, Celebrities, Coaches, Consultants, Counsellors, Chiropractors , Doctors, Educators, Entertainers, Hypnotherapists, Lawyers, Managers, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Performers , Psychologists Salespeople, Teachers and Trainers.  It doesn't matter what you do or what career path you are on NLP provides an effective way to increase and dramatically improve performance.

The Benefits of Time Line Therapy® and NLP:

By using Time Line Therapy ® techniques you will be able to dramatically increase your results. That's in business and in your personal life too. You will feel empowered, achieve success enjoy renewed levels of happiness and consistently achieve great results. Why? Because you will be in charge of your emotional state and will have let go of that old limiting thinking from the past. Plus you will be able to inspire and motivate yourself with a compelling future that will have much better chances of coming true,

Applications for NLP and Time Line Therapy®:

Professional Excellence: Regardless of where you are in your career ie you are doing well or you are faced with challenges or looking for a career change. The techniques that comprise Time Line Therapy ™ can assist you to achieve excellence as well as maintaining and enhancing it.

For Managers and also Entrepreneurs: you can apply this skill set to develop resources, relationships and also to create a strong network.  Improve your interpersonal skills and communication skills. Create win-win scenarios in negotiations and problem solving circumstances.

Sales Consultants: by eliciting and fulfilling your clients values and criteria you will generate more sales and increase your results. Create sales relationships with clients for the long term instead of the short term plus you'll generate more referrals and recommendations.

Trainers and Teacher: you can discover new approaches to inspire and engage with students, as well as effective techniques for dealing with difficult learning environments.

Medical Professionals can use these skills for effectively find out details from clients as well being able resource them to increase their comfort and understanding of treatment. As well being able to support them to respond to treatment and healing.

What our Graduates are saying about Time Line Therapy™

"I attended Mind Training Systems' Time Line Therapy course and I can say without hesitation that was one of the most powerful and life changing courses I've attended in a long while!
Before the course I had some understanding of the unconscious mind through my NLP work yet at the end of the two days I went away with an even greater understanding of the unconscious mind by getting to the root course of a specific negative emotion.
I am pleased to say that with the support of the trainers and other participants I have addressed those inappropriate/ unwarranted negative emotions that in the past have held me back. I am also now ready to work with clients to overcome their emotional blocks.
Thank you Catherine... You answered all my questions during the two days. You gave me sufficient time to digest the learning and to practice my skills in a safe environment.
I highly recommend this excellent course." -- Ivona Gordon, London, UK

"Having resolved conflicts and released limiting decisions, I have felt a huge shift in myself. I'm amazed at how quickly and easily I have been able to make these changes! It's fantastic!!" -- F.C, West Sussex

"I have experienced a complete transformation" -- H. Barrett, Hampshire

"Time Line Therapy™ is life changing! -- S. Shave, Leicester

Become a Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ as part of our FasTrak NLP Practitioner 4 Certifications in 1 Week or Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ as part of our FasTrak NLP Master Practitioner 5 Certification Programme now. If you have completed your NLP Practitioner (or Master Practitioner) Certification with us or another NLP Training Provider and would like to join us for the Time Line Therapy™ Certification Training, please do give the Office a Call as we have a Special Upgrade Option For You.

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"Time Line Therapy™ is a registered trademark of Tad James and is exclusively licensed to The Time Line Therapy™ Association."