Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If you have an open and honesty conversation with someone who is overweight and you ask them if they have any ideas or any knowledge of how they could lose their excess weight. I guarantee they will say, "Yes."

The vast majority of people who experience problems with their weight are really diet experts. They are experts because they have tried them all. They've had it said to them, "Weight loss is easy just eat less and move more." It's easy to lose weight, it's so simple. And it is, isn't it? But for some people it's not that easy. I remember a client that I worked with who had had baby and with the Doctor's go ahead she started to lose the excess weight that was remaining after having had her child. Her goal was to return to her post pregnancy weight and she'd been doing all the right things. She'd been on a specific diet, she'd signed up with a Personal Trainer and was participating in a regular exercise program. She'd lost weight but she was complaining that she was still just four pounds away from reaching her goal. No matter what she did, she couldn't lose that final four pounds.

Here's the thing. The reasons why a person overeats are deeply held within their unconscious mind. Those bad habits or patterns of behaviour can be permanently changed by changing the thoughts that drive those behaviours. In changing your thinking you can change your behaviours and therefore change your results.  This is where Hypnosis provides the proven method for creating those necessary changes in your thinking to allow you to create the results that you want.

Frequently, someone who overeats is confusing hunger and appetite. Appetite is a habit and hunger is a true need. All to often an individual who is overeating is in a constant, conscious, battle with their own will power in a effort to deny the habit of responding to their appetite. Trying to create a change using will power alone is not an easy or an effective method for generating the result you want. With Hypnosis you can tap into your Unconscious Mind to learn new attitudes about food and eating.

Consider for a moment you own patterns of eating and your behaviours around food. What do you eat? When do you eat? Where do you eat? Who do you eat with? How much do you eat? Putting on weight doesn't just happen overnight, it tends to be a gradual process and it's often out of your awareness until you start to realise you are eating the wrong foods or you are overeating by which point the habit can be difficult to consciously change.

However, with Hypnosis you have a powerful resource for creating change and Hypnosis is easy for you to learn.  The client with the four of pounds left to lose, she did a great job of learning the Hypnosis techniques that I shared with her. She was able to change her thinking, let go of the negative thoughts and two weeks after our session she had lost those four pounds and she reached her goal weight. Just think about how your life will be different when you have lost the weight?

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