How Your Emotional Well-Being Can Make or Break Your Career

How Your Emotional Well-Being Can Make or Break Your Career

How Your Emotional Well-Being Can Make or Break Your Career

A key element of to your success is your emotional well being. Interesting it's an aspect of self that a lot of people try and hide from or avoid.

Yet, the truth is that your emotional well-being, having an awareness of your emotions and having skills and strategies for effectively dealing with them, makes the difference between you thriving in your career or your career stagnating or even failing. Your emotion well being can literally make or break your career!

Maybe you know someone who wanted to start their own business, they desperately wanted to leave their day job and start their own company. But the fear of failing, their doubts, the uncertainty of a regular income stopped them in their tracks.

Maybe you've witnessed someone strive to implement a new idea or a new concept and instead of being supported, they've been told, "You're too ambitious!" or "That will never work, how ridiculous!!" Almost like it was a sin. Their idea was crushed and they were made to feel guilty and (metaphorically) told to get back in line.

It's a well known fact that positive emotions and emotional balance are directly related to the productivity, resourcefulness and effectiveness of an individual. In fact, it's often one of the reasons why people seek out a Coach because they want to find a way to improve themselves and increase their performance.

What stops people from being the best they can be are negative emotions, limiting decisions or limiting beliefs like fear of failure or lack of confidence. Plus not having a clarity on what they do want to achieve and clearly defined, specific goals.

Through the process of NLP Coaching and in letting go of negative emotions, this provides the individual with an incredible opportunity to break through any perceived limitations and develop themselves and their career further. Progress is far quicker and more predictable in these circumstances compared to the person trying to do it on their own. 

Those people who hold onto their negative emotions for their entire life time can prevent themselves from discovering exciting new ways of thinking and new strategies for dealing with the increasingly changing environment in which we all live.