Attracting Wealth and the Laws of Prosperity: #1 

There are laws that govern prosperity so that you can have the financial resources to accomplish all that you desire. Why is it that some people seem to always attract wealth and good fortune and others seem to constantly struggle barely making ends meet?

Your Mind is a powerful tool.... 

Your Mind is a powerful tool and acts in a similar way to a computer as it has an operating system that runs programs to achieve results. 

So…… how come some people perform and succeed in what they are doing while others of equal intelligence don't? Well, HOW you think affects your performance. What is it that those people who succeed are thinking that sets them apart from all the rest?


The Rewards for NOT taking Responsibility in Life  

The Rewards for NOT taking Responsibility in Life

It’s a fascinating and thought provoking theme that we talk about in all our trainings. The assumption I’m referring to is Cause and Effect. The idea that there’s an equation – on one side is being at Cause where the individual takes personal responsibility for the results they are getting (or not getting) in life and looks for solutions to overcome any obstacles in their quest to achieve their chosen goals and outcomes. On the other side of the equation is being at the Effect – having lots of reasons aka excuses for not achieving those desired outcomes, the individual views themself as a victim of circumstance with no power to create any change. They are living life by default.