What Do Negative Emotions Do to Us?


Negative emotions cause blockages and obstructions in the flow of energy throughout the body. Utilising current technology this can be measured and with modern day thinking in quantum biology shows that negative emotions which remained trapped in the body means there’s a real prospect of functional blockages being generated in the nervous system. So trapped negative emotions could trigger the brain to send wrong signals to the various organs in the body, or perhaps even no signals at all! Dr Paul Goodwin in his book “Foundation Theory”, explains how repressed emotions can be measured along neuro pathways. He describes how, by using electrical impulses along the neural pathways, repressed emotions can be detected as blockages and that you can see the change in communication within the nervous system.

It not uncommon for a massage therapists to run into repressed emotions while massaging certain problem areas of a clients body. This causes the client to re-experience a wave of old emotions. They may experience a physical as well as an emotional release because repressed emotion can form a physical issue in the body. Trapped emotions in the physical body, which haven’t been released, can be not only the source of discomfort, they can also the source of other physical problems like dis-ease or heart attack.

It has been documented in psychological studies that certain emotions have a greater impact on the heart. Numerous articles have been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association relating to anger and heart-related issues. Dr Deepak Chopra is one of the founders of PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) and is credited with early research in the study of how specific stressors affect specific areas of the body.

Here’s another problem with negative emotions – how times has anger stopped you from communicating something to somebody like a family member or a partner? That’s a common experience.

And you’ll know from your own life experiences that negative emotions feel just awful! Consider this for a moment, can you recall a time in the past when you felt angry and did you say to yourself “Fantastic! This feels amazing and I hope I can maintain this feeling for the entire day”…..No, of course you didn’t say that to yourself!!!

What usually happens is we do all sorts of other stuff to avoid the feeling of that negative emotion. What happened the last time a relationship ended and you felt sad? Did you say “Awesome, here’s some sadness and it feels fantastic!” I doubt it. You probably did something else…in fact, anything else, to avoid that feeling. Maybe you spent more time sleeping than you usually would. Or you worked late every night and at the weekends or you decided to work out more than usual or spent more time with friends – you found other things to do to keep away from those negative feelings you were experiencing. The result of avoiding feeling negative emotions is that people will often smoke, drink, eat too much, take drugs, exercise excessively etc etc

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