Finding an Authentic NLP Training and NLP Trainers

Becoming an NLP Trainer, especially when also training in the powerful modalities of Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, requires so much more than the knowledge that one can get from just reading books or attending the odd workshop or seminar. So, how can you tell if your NLP Trainers are properly qualified to be teaching you?

We have learnt from experts and also experience. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn our skills from Dr’s Tad and Adriana James, who have passed on their incredible knowledge, based on a huge wealth of experience, Tad gained over 35 years of being at the top.

As Trainers who have studied and been certified and authorised to teach these powerful modalities, we offer you these practical guidelines for finding and selecting authentic NLP Trainers and a reputable NLP Training Company:

1. The first thing to do is your research. Check out the Trainer’s credentials. Your NLP Trainers should have extensive personal real world experience of utilising the modalities that they train. Have the Trainers been trained by experts in the field? Do the Trainers have a Certification from a respected and an accredited  Board? What is the extent of the Trainers practical, real-life experience with working with clients and students? Are they viewed as an authority having written articles or books?

2. Check out their Students and Graduates. Do the Trainers have any testimonials on their website?  Are the testimonials believable? What kind of progress have their Students and Graduates made during and after their course of study in these modalities that you are considering? Will the Trainers allow you to call their Students and Graduates so you can talk to them in person about their experience of the Training Company?

3. Look for openness. Does the NLP Training Company have a transparent pricing policy? Do they give you information about your investment for the Training on the webpage? Do the Trainers encourage you to find your own path and your own voice? Do the Trainers create a safe space for their Students and Graduates to ask questions? Are the Trainers genuinely interested in your goals and what you want to achieve from taking the Training?

4. Do the Trainers “walk the walk”?  This goes back to you, doing your research. Investigate the Trainers background and talk to people who have been through their NLP Training already. Do the Trainers practice what they train? Do the Trainers lead an exemplary life? Are the Trainers honest about their mistakes?

5. Beware of promises which are false. You have heard it said: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!!! Don’t be afraid to question the claims being made. Authentic NLPTrainers will not be threatened and they will take the time to answer all your questions.

6. The other thing to beware of is cheaply priced NLP Trainings. NLP Training Companies can be compared to racehorses or donkeys. So, if you’re only paying only a little bit of money for your course, you’d wonder what you were getting? Probably not a thoroughbred!

7. Understand your expectations. What do you want to get from booking and taking the NLP Training? It is a really good idea to write down your outcomes beforehand and then to discuss it with the Trainers to make sure your expectations are realistic and aligned with the benefits of the Training.

8. When you are considering something as important as an NLP Training, you should trust your gut instinct. Even in cases where you have researched the NLP Training Company and the program that you are planning to attend, pay attention to your feelings about whether or not it is the right NLP Training Company and the right event for you. If you are uncomfortable or experiencing conflict then listen to that inner voice.

By following these simple guidelines, you will find the NLP Trainers and NLP Training Company that best fits your needs and requirements. This will ensure that you are empowered to get the utmost from your experience and investment.