Don't Surrender to Defeat!

Don't Surrender to Defeat!

Don't Surrender to Defeat - People Who Chase Their Dreams are the Most Likely to Catch Them

The average person in today's society gives up far too easy, when often just a little more persistence is all that's required to turn things around and ensure them success. "Persist" translates into "to refuse to give up" and conveys the idea of continuing to progress firmly, steadily and insistently to the desired outcome.

There maybe times when you feel discouraged and can't see a clear path ahead. I like Catherine Ponder's affirmation which you can use to get yourself back in the right head space: "I refuse to give up. I shall continue firmly, steadily and insistently."

By monitoring your mindset, you can ensure that you maintain a victorious attitude towards your outcomes which of course then supports your behaviours and actions which will ultimately deliver you the successfully completion of your goals.

Frequently the difference between achieving something and not achieving something is PERSISTENCE. Think big, think outside the box, take action and remember life is a marathon - not a sprint! You have to expect big results in order to manifest them into your life.

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